How To Change Your Name After A Divorce

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Many people desire to have their last name changed after a divorce. Doing so is a straightforward task and is very common. Be sure to talk to your attorney about changing your name during the divorce process.


Divorce checklist

Simplify the Name-Changing Process after a Divorce with this Checklist!

So you are nearing the final steps of your divorce; now what? This name change after divorce checklist is a place to start for those considering a name change. There are many steps involved in completing a name change successfully. Ensure all the areas are covered, beginning with this name change after a divorce checklist. For more questions, contact Jeddeloh Snyder Stommes today and come in for your initial consultation.
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Entities/Places to Modify a Name Change

1. Department of Public Safety

One of the first steps you should consider is getting a new driver’s license. Getting a new license is as easy as going to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with your certification of divorce and filling out the form for a new driver’s license! Having a new ID can help with the other steps, so consider doing this step towards the beginning of this process.

2. Social Security Documentation

A name change form can be found on the Social Security Administration website or by contacting them by telephone. The name change document can take some time to process, but once it is filled out, you are done with this step!

3. Department of State

The process of changing your name on your passport can take some time. If you plan on traveling in the near future, make sure to address this as soon as possible. To change the name on your passport, go to Travel.State.Gov to learn the requirements.

4. Post Office

Another essential step in this process is to inform your post office about your name change. Contact your local post office by website, telephone, or in person to complete your name change documentation.

5. Financial institution accounts and safety deposit boxes

Keep your money safe and accounted for by contacting each of your financial institutions to ask about their requirements for changing your name on your accounts. Make sure you follow the steps correctly for each institution and ask questions about the next step for your accounts.

6. Voter Registration, even when it’s not election season

Contact your local voter registration at the voter registration website and follow the procedure for completing a name change. Even if no elections are going on, changing your name right away is helpful so that it is taken care of before any election.


Changing your name after divorce.

Make Paying the Bills Simpler

7. Credit Cards and Store Charge Cards

Each company can have different requirements for changing a name on your accounts, which will vary between joint and personal accounts. Check the information needed by logging onto the company website or calling the phone number on the back of the card.

8. Creditor Accounts and Loans

Find out from any of your loan services what they require to complete a name change request. These loans could be anything from vehicle, student, or private loans. Changing your name also applies to all creditor accounts in your name.

9. The Day-to-Day Bills

All typical bill companies (phone, internet, utilities) should be contacted to complete each of their individual processes for a name change. In addition, you may need to open an account in your name.

10. Car Titles and Vehicle Registrations

Contact your local DMV office in person or by logging onto their website and completing the requirements.

11. Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may also have name change requirements. Again, you should contact your insurance agent to determine what steps you need to take.


Changing your name after divorce for employment

Changing your name in your Work and Professional Life

12. Notifying your employer

Contact the Human Resources department at your place of work and fill out their required name change paperwork.

13. Informing Your Coworkers

Letting your coworkers and any business associates aware of your name change can often make this transition as simple as possible. It can be as easy as sending out an email or handwritten note to inform them of the change of name and does not have to include other details. Letting them know about your name change allows for less confusion and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Changing your name in your Personal Life

14. Email and Social Media Accounts

Deactivate any joint accounts shared with your ex on social media or email. Instead, create new ones, and don’t forget to let those who use the accounts know about the changes. It would be best if you also changed the passwords on your email accounts. Failure to do so will allow your ex-spouse to access your emails.

15. Changing your membership information

Let any places you have a membership know about your name change the next time you stop in. Usually, you can change your information at any reception desk when you walk in! Contact them over the phone or on company websites if you have more questions about specific memberships.

16. Telling friends and family

Send an email or handwritten letter to friends and family to notify them of the change. Whether you include the reason or not is up to you! They will appreciate the update when they are looking to contact you in the future.

Making your life easier is our #1 Goal!

Each divorce is unique and may require additional steps to the name change process. The above list is not a complete list for everyone and is not legal advice. If you have more questions, please talk to a divorce attorney today to ensure you have the proper checklist that works for your situation. Take some stress away from an already stressful situation and ensure all your boxes are checked! Contact Jeddeloh Snyder Stommes today for your initial consultation and see how we can help you through this stressful time.

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