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Living Wills and Health Care Directives – The Importance of Legally Binding Documents in Minnesota

Living Wills and Health Care Directives are essential legal documents that have been used for many years in Minnesota and around the country. A living will began as a document merely suggesting one’s wishes concerning end-of-life decisions. Doctors were in control when it came to making important end-of-life decisions. However, they would collaborate with the family, and they were ultimately the ones who decided which medical options would be best.
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Since the days of a living will were merely a suggestion, the legislature has created laws that now authorize powers of attorney for health care decisions that allow selected people to make decisions for you when you are unable. The suggestive living will has now evolved into the legally binding health care directive and is of the utmost importance in medical, end-of-life decision-making, and estate planning. With over 100 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at Jeddeloh Snyder Stommes can assist you with estate planning and elder law.
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Health Care Directives – Why You Need One

Regardless of age, it would be best to have a legally binding healthcare directive in place. Serious accidents and brief illnesses can occur anytime, whether you are elderly or youthful. Unanticipated end-of-life decisions can be some of the most stressful times a family ever goes through, and it is essential to be as prepared as possible. Having a health care directive plan in place can not only be less stressful for your family but can be handled exactly the way you wish. In times of crisis, your family and caregivers must have the benefit of knowing exactly the way you would like the situation to be handled and making the appropriate decisions based on your wishes. An experienced, trusted, and compassionate estate planning attorney at Jeddeloh Snyder Stommes can make these difficult decisions easier for you, your family, and your caregivers by creating a living will.

Having a Health Care Directive is Important – Having an Estate Planning Attorney is Vital

Health Care Directives have become an essential part of the decision-making process in most medical and end-of-life decisions. Be sure your family is protected in these situations and know your wishes for end-of-life decisions. Then, you will have comfort and peace of mind knowing that medical decisions will be easy to make for your family when the time comes.

Providing Legally Binding Health Care Directives – Let Us Help You With The Big Decisions

The Estate Planning Attorneys at Jeddeloh Snyder Stommes have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to provide you and your family with peace of mind in helping you create your health care directive. We are compassionate and trusted estate planning attorneys that understand how difficult it can be for families to have these types of conversations – we can help. With over 100 years of combined legal experience in estate planning, living wills, and health care directives, we understand that your family is unique. We want to help you and your family create a health care directive as unique as you are and help make end-of-life decisions as stress-free as possible. Whether you are setting up a will, guardianship, or a health care directive, you need an attorney who will help you with every step. We are one of the top law firms in St Cloud, Minnesota, specializing in Estate Planning and Elder Law. Our lawyers will make sure that you and your assets are protected.

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